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Hotel Miyarikyu


849 Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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A 5-minute walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station, a 10-minute ferry ride to Miyajimaguchi Pier, and a 3-minute walk Itsukushima Shrine Direction from Miyajima pier.
  • Miyarikyu

    Miyajimaguchi Pier → 10 minutes by ferry → Miyajima pier → 3 minutes on foot → Hotel Miyarikyu

    ※The final time of the ferry is 22:40.After that I can not Miyajima to Miyajima.
  • by car

    ▼From Tokyo/Osaka
    Tokyo → Tomei/Meishin Expressway → Osaka → China/Sanyo Expressway → Hatsukaichi IC → Route 2 → Miyajimaguchi Pier

    ▼Kyushu area
    Kyushu → Kyushu Expressway → Shimonoseki → Chugoku/Sanyo Expressway → Ono IC → Route 2 → Miyajimaguchi Pier

    ▼For those coming by car About the parking lot
    There is no parking lot in the hotel.In addition, the road conditions on Miyajima Island are narrow, and there are many roads for traffic restrictions and pedestrians only, and there are almost no parking lots.
    Please park your car at the parking lot near Miyajimaguchi Pier and come by ferry.

    Miyajimaguchi Pier nearby Parking lot
    ★Miyajima town management Miyajimaguchi parking lot★Hiroden Miyanoshima Garden ( Momiji Honjin ) Parking Lot 1,000 yen per day(Excluding New Year Period)


    The road in front of the hotel is an approach to the shrine, so general vehicles cannot pass.
    Please use the Miyajimaguchi parking lot in front of the ferry.
    It is about 2000 yen per night (regular season).
    Please use the Momiji Honjin Parking Lot or the municipal parking lot where sightseeing buses are parked.
    ※Please tell the fact that you stayed at Miyajima.
  • on the train

    JR Hiroshima Station → JR Sanyo Main Line 27 minutes → JR Miyajimaguchi Station → 5 minutes on foot → Miyajimaguchi Pier

    Hiroden Hiroshima Station → Hiroshima Dentetsu Miyajima Line 1 hour via Atomic Bomb Dome → Hiroden Miyajima Station → 1 minute walk → Miyajimaguchi Pier

    ▼JR Hiroshima Station(Estimated shortest time when using the Shinkansen)
    3 hours 51 minutes from Tokyo 2 hours 11 minutes from Nagoya 1 hour 19 minutes from Shin-Osaka 34 minutes from Okayama
    1 hour 01 minutes from Hakata 30 minutes from Shin Yamaguchi
  • By Airplane

    Hiroshima Airport
    Hiroshima Airport → Approx. 50 minutes by Limousine Bus → Hiroshima Station → Approx. 25 minutes JR → Miyajimaguchi

    ▼Guide to Hiroshima Airport
    2 hours 05 minutes from Sapporo Shin Chitose Airport Airport 1 hour 35 minutes from Sendai Airport
    1 hour 35 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport 1 hour 40 minutes from Okinawa Naha Airport

    Iwakuni airport
    Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport → About 10 minutes by Limousine Bus → JR Iwakuni Station → About 20 minutes JR → Miyajimaguchi
  • By ship

    Matsuyama → hydrofoil 1 hour/3 hours by ferry → Hiroshima Harbor → 30 minutes by high-speed boat → Miyajima