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Treasures from the Sea, And good luck in the mountains. A multi-course dinner featuring the famous oysters and anthracite

Enjoy the passionate cuisine of the chief chef.Recall the taste of Hiroshima and Miyajima.
※The menu may change depending on the season and stock availability.※
  • Standard Kaiseki Meal

    It is an image image of dinner such as a plan 

    Basic menu
    Aperitif Appetizer Fresh fish brewery 
    Small pot Pottery Fried food Steamed vinegar 
    Seasonal Kamameshi Tome Bowl Incense Water

    ※Menu may change depending on the purchasing situation.
    ※Allergies-Please contact us by phone in advance, and we will leave the changes to the facility.
  • Rank up Kaiseki cuisine

    Supper such as rank-up plan is a hearty dish such as increasing the number of sashimi items.

    ※The picture of the dish is an image.
    ※Menus are changed depending on the purchasing situation and the season.
    ※If you have any allergies, please contact the hotel in advance by phone. Any changes are left to the discretion of the facility.
  • Seasonal Kaiseki Meal

    The facility prepares food for each season.
  • Breakfast(An example)

  • Supper kids meal(Menu example)

    This menu is for preschoolers.
  • Children's breakfast