【Official】Hotel Miyarikyu

Parking Information

Please note that there is no parking lot at this inn.Additionally, there is very little parking space on the island, including in tourist areas, so even if you enter the island by car, you will not be able to use it for sightseeing.
If you are coming by car, please use the paid parking lot at Miyajimaguchi before crossing over to the island.
Please understand that we do not have a contracted parking lot.

Recommended summer travel plan

A memorable night on God's Island

  • God's Island

    A 10-minute boat trip on the calm Setonaikai is a place where you can create memories beyond your imagination.
    The charm of the island is undoubtedly the night, the quiet appearance of the night that gets deeper and deeper, and the air that is dignified and tense. Once you set foot on the island, you will feel indescribable.

  • Guidance


    The hotel is just a 3-minute walk from Miyajima pier.Sightseeing on the island is basically on foot.
    You can feel the history while relaxing and feeling the sea breeze.
    There is no parking lot at this facility or affiliated parking lot.
    Basically, we recommend that you park your car in the parking lot (paid) before boarding.

    In case of late arrival

    Dinner at this facility starts at 19:30.
    Please let us know if you will be arriving after 19:30.
    If you arrive late, we may refrain from offering the seasonal dinner service.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Regarding dietary restrictions and allergies

    If you have dietary restrictions, please contact the inn at least 3 days in advance.
    We will do our best to respond based on the content.
    We can accommodate individual allergies such as "no shrimp", but we can accommodate allergens such as wheat and soybeans.
    We may not be able to accommodate all of the ingredients as they may be included in seasonings.
    In addition, since the food is cooked in the same kitchen, the same cooking and washing machines are used as for other menus.
    There is a possibility that trace amounts of allergens may be mixed in during the cooking process.
    Due to the constraints of our business as an inn, it is difficult to fully meet your requests.
    For your safety, if the condition is severe, please be sure to contact your doctor.

Miyajima Island Scenery

  • The scenery of Miyajima changes completely between day and night.Here are some of those scenes.


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Hotel Name

Hotel Miyarikyu


849 Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

Telephone number



A 5-minute walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station, a 10-minute ferry ride to Miyajimaguchi Pier, and a 3-minute walk Itsukushima Shrine Direction from Miyajima pier.
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Various materials(Secretary of group group)

  • Large Banquet Hall Senjokaku

    355 square meters can be divided into four.
    Ume-no-ma 142 square meters
    71 square meters each between pine, cherry, and bamboo
    No smoking inside the banquet hall(There is one smoking booth in the aisle near the banquet hall.)

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