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Miyajima underwater fireworks display

●2019(Heisei time period 31 year)Every time●, Information of Miyajima underwater fireworks display accommodation reservation

  • Date and time: 2019(Heisei time period 31 year)August 24(Saturday)date held
          ※There is a delay due to rain

    Application period: 2019(Heisei time period 31 year)January 1 to 2019(Heisei time period 31 year)May 31
           postmark, Effectiveness
            We will make a strict drawing by June and decide.
           The announcement will be shipped sequentially from June 2019 (Heisei time period 31) at the reply postcard.

    Cautions: ※We do not accept reception by telephone.
             ※Only one application per family (group) will be accepted.
             ※Some rooms can not see fireworks on the sea side.Designation can not be accepted.
             ※We do not accept designation of room food / venue food.The meal venue is for the day
               It will be a guide.
             ※Personal information you keep will be used for purposes other than booking for fireworks display.

Each room type Firework display(Service Fee ·Fee of 8% tax)

Per personSea View, Town side, Mountain View
Japanese Style Room for 2 people38,880 yen, 35,640 yen, 30,240 yen
Japanese Style Room 3 People36,720 yen 33,480 yen 28,080 yen
Japanese Style Room for 4 People¥ 34,560 ¥ 31,320, 27,000 yen
Single-, - 27,000 yen
Twin- - 27,000 yen
One child's stay for two nights·Adult-equivalent food is adult's 70% charge
·Children's cuisine prepared 50% of adults charge
Children's meal only¥ 9,504
Children's Futon only¥ 4,320
Children no meal mattress2,160 yen (Free under 1 year old)
About cancellation fee7/24 to 8/9, Ten%
8/10 to 8/16, 30%
8/17 to 8/20, 50%
8/21 to 8/24, 100%(※We have 100% for no-shows. )