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  2. Virus infection prevention measures

Virus infection prevention measures

This facility thoroughly implements "New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures" which is a condition for participating in the Go To Travel Campaign.
  • Front desk area

    • 【Installation of antiseptic solution in various places】

      We have installed quick-drying hand sanitizers that do not require washing with water.
      It is effective against a wide range of microorganisms in a short time.
      Contains 3 types of moisturizers to not only moisturize your hands, but also give a smooth and smooth feeling.
    • 【Wearing a face shield/mask】

      When responding at the front desk shop, we wear face shields and masks to prevent infection.
    • 【Implementation of temperature measurement】

      At check-in, the customer cooperates with the non-contact thermometer to measure the temperature.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.We also require employees to measure temperature when they go to work.
    • 【Installation of clear shield】

      We have a clear shield in front of the front and shop counters.
  • Personal space

    • Reduced seats in the cafe/lobby space

      To prevent infection, we are changing the seat layout and reducing the number of seats in the shared space.
      ※The photograph is an image
    • 【Regular disinfection work】

      We are strengthening and thoroughly implementing disinfection work as a secondary infection prevention in a shared space.
    • 【Entrance restrictions for large communal baths】

      There is an entrance restriction to avoid crowding in the large public bath.

      ·Half the number of undressing baskets
      ·50% of the available washing place
      ·Adjustment of usable number of facilities such as dryers

      We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    • 【Karaoke lounge closed】

      3 To avoid congestion, the karaoke lounge will be closed for the time being.
  • Dining Hall

    • 【Adjusting the layout and spacing of dining seats】

      At the dining venue, the layout has been changed and seats have been removed from the normal layout.
    • Thorough hand washing

      We thoroughly implement hand washing and gargling for all employees.
    • 【Cancellation of buffet / change to Japanese set meal】

      As part of anti-virus measures, we stopped the buffet for the time being and changed to a Japanese set meal.
    • 【Waiting on customers wearing masks and gloves】

      Masks and gloves are worn by the hospitality staff.
  • Room

    • Installation of paper cups and suspension of tea service

      Normally, we have ceramic cups in the room, but for the time being we have changed to paper cups as a preventive measure.