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"If you think about it carefully, we can't do the best service we can imagine."
The days of struggling with the staff's dilemma are over, and the time has come for us to feel the joy and happiness of welcoming our customers on July 1st.

I'm ready to pick you up, but it's not what the ryokan looked like a few months ago.
“This doesn't make our customers happy and we can't take good memories with us.” I hear many staff's voices.

The impact of this new coronavirus has a great impact on the tourism industry, and we have closed the facility to prevent the spread of infection.
There were various effects such as the event suspension and refraining from going out.

The inn's mission is to make guests feel extraordinary and bring back memories of their trip.
However, the movement of people and direct interaction have been restricted, and changes have been made to what traditional inns require.
The first consideration is "customer's safety and security" such as "3 close avoidance" between customers, staff, and customers, and many restrictions have been set for that purpose.

From now on, we will change the existing service and work sincerely.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Hotel Miyarikyu Manager Hiroaki Doi

Use of "Go To Travel Campaign"

  • "Go To Travel Campaign" "Smart" User Guide

    ① When making a reservation(A to D)
    (A) Reserve a "Go To Travel Eligible"plan on the Miyarikyu Official website
    ⇒For details, go to the Go To Travel special page

    (B) Miyarikyu reservation by calling directly to Miyarikyu
    ⇒ Please tell the reservation reception that you are using the plan

    (C) Make a reservation from an internet travel site
    ⇒Please make reservations according to the rules of each site such as "Jalan net" and "Rakuten Travel".

    (D) Make a reservation from a travel agency
    ⇒Please purchase products eligible for the "Go To Travel" discount at each travel agency.

    ② Apply for a refund(Accommodation from July 22 to August 31)
    ⇒【Go To Travel Campaign】Refer to refund method application method
  • Book the "Go To Travel Campaign Discounted"plan from the Official website

    For details, go to the special page of "Go To Travel Campaign"!

    ~For reservations from the advantageous Hotel Miyarikyu Official website~
    ① Reserve "Go To Travel Campaign Target plan"
    ② Issue a discount coupon with "STAY NAVI"
  • 【Go To Travel Campaign】How to apply for refund method

    ★Available for guests booked by July 30th and stayed by August 31st★

    <How to apply for a refund>
    -Items to prepare-
    ① Subsequent refund application(Form No. 1):Download from the Secretariat website
    ② Receipt(What the breakdown is written):Get from where you paid
    ③ Accommodation certificate:Get at accommodation
    ④ Account confirmation(Form No. 2):Download from the Secretariat website
    ⑤Documents that can confirm the account number(Copy of passbook)
    ※① to ⑤ must have the same name.

    -Application period-
    From August 14, 2019 to September 14, 2019

    -Delivery address of application-
    To Go To Travel Office

Notice to customers

  • About new coronavirus infection prevention measures

    We take thorough measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at this facility.
    Regarding temperature measurement, we ask our customers to cooperate with us at the time of check-in, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

    Hotel Miyarikyu measures to prevent new coronavirus infection at Hotel Miyarikyu are that the conditions for participating in the "Go To Travel Campaign" are thoroughly implemented.
  • About local government discount plan

    Hotel Miyarikyu following are the local government discount plan that Hotel Miyarikyu sells.(As of July 31)

    ·The Go To Travel Campaign has also started selling on the Official website from 7/31.
      ※For details, go to the special page of "Go To Travel"

    ·Hatsukaichi City Limited Accommodation Campaign Appreciation plan
      Official is sold only on the Official website.Please be careful.
      ※There is also a plan with "now is the ticket"(From 7/19)

    ※"Go To Travel" and "Hatsukaichi Citizen Only" cannot be used together(As of July 31)
    ※The "Hiroshima limited discount plan" is sold out.
    In case of cancellation, we will resell it.Please understand.
  • Change from breakfast buffet to Japanese set meal

    As a measure against coronavirus at this facility, we are changing to a Japanese set breakfast at the normal breakfast buffet.We are very sorry for the customers who enjoyed the breakfast buffet, but we would appreciate your understanding.

Support ticket "Nakakome Ticket" now on sale with Hatsukaichi Premium

  • Reasonable shopping at the hotel! Now selling tickets

    "Now is the ticket" where you can purchase a shopping ticket for 1,300 yen for 1,000 yen!

    It is a "shopping ticket" that can be used in the hotel.You can use it conveniently such as drinks and additional dishes at dinner, shopping at the shop, and use at the hotel cafe.

    ① Use period July 1st to December 31st
    ② Anyone is OK
    ③ Conditions Only available at the store where you purchased the ticket
          Up to 5 per person
    ④ Sales location Front desk

    ※It cannot be used as an accommodation fee. 
    ※It is finished when the maximum number is reached.


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849 Miyajima Town, Hatsukaichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture

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JR Miyajimaguchi Station is a 5-minute walk from JR Miyajimaguchi Station, 10 minutes by ferry to Miyajimaguchi Pier, and a 3-minute walk to Itsukushima Shrine Direction from Miyajima pier.
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