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About the use of regional coupons

  • About shops where GoTo Travel regional coupons can be used

    GoTo Travel Regional Coupons can be used under the following conditions.

    ·Being in the travel period(The date of use is clearly stated on the regional coupon)
    ·The prefecture where you stayed and the surrounding prefectures
    (In the case of Hiroshima prefecture,Hiroshima prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Ehime prefecture)

    GoTo Travel Regional Common Coupons can be used at stores where coupon usage registration has been completed. (Expanding registered stores)Available stores are published on the Official website for GoTo Travel travelers.

How to apply the Go To Travel Campaign Discount

Official reservation from the Official website

Procedure for making a reservation from the Official website

When making a reservation by phone